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Having a Thermomix at home is like having a chef at home; pure happiness for healthy &/or fun cooking, but in any case "home-made", with endless dish ideas and the guarantee of success of dishes you would never have dared try before.

This food processor will give you the confidence to take on the most incredible challenges for a happy kitchen to share. Choose the best multifunction food processor.


Invented in 1971, and constantly re-imagined by German engineers since then, Thermomix has won the hearts and kitchens of millions of cooks around the world.

Thermomix TM6
Thermomix TM6 et accessoires
Thermomix TM6 écran
Aquérir un Thermomix

Getting a Thermomix

The TM6 package includes:

  • A Thermomix TM6 complete with all its accessories (1 complete bowl, cooking basket with lid, flexible spatula, high temperature lid, varoma basket, whisk).

  • A book with 136 recipes.

  • 6 months' subscription to Cookidoo (an intuitive interface containing not just 5,000 recipes, but 70,000 recipes, 10,000 of which are in French). Healthy recipes, simple recipes, elaborate recipes, there is something for everyone.


Price : 1369 € + 30€ recipe book

Possibility to buy it on credit, via Cetelem, over a period of 3 to 24 months
(Be careful, borrowing also costs money - subject to acceptance of your application)

Vous allez l'adorer

You'll love it?

  • Its ease of use: thanks to its touch screen and its recipe platform on Cookidoo; out of a total of 70,000 recipes, 10,000 are in French.

  • Versatility: 24 functions in a powerful and innovative cooking appliance, for easy or simple cooking and fast cooking, and 9 modes for sweet and savoury preparations, from aperitifs to coffee-time treats.

  • Its connectivity: thanks to the integrated wifi and bluetooth, you can access all the features and regular updates of the Cookidoo? platform.

  • Its premium quality and reliability: number 1 on the market, it is a household appliance developed in Germany and produced in France.

  • Its profitability: thanks to it, some people will make incredible savings. I know a family of 4 who paid off their investment in 3 months.

  • Its design: the robot is now becoming a kitchen decoration in its own right.

Thermomix TM6, cuisiner en famille.
Thermomix TM6 et accessoires
Est-ce pour moi?

Is the Thermomix right for you? ?

I would say that the only condition to acquire this food processor is to want it. You have to be ready to leave your pots and pans behind and change your habits, because apart from that, it adapts to all profiles:

  • Children who discover the joys of learning to cook with grown-ups and tasting their creations, thanks to its simplicity

  • Teenagers who can make spaghetti carbonara when their parents are out or at work

  • Dads who want to be more involved in meal preparation when they feel unable to do so without the TM.

  • Single dads who have never cooked and have to feed the family

  • Those in a hurry who never have time to cook and will choose "Top Chrono" recipes

  • The disorganised who don't know what to cook despite an overflowing fridge and who can count on the help of the Cookidoo planner to make their choice of recipe and thus avoid going to the catering service

  • The "old-timers" who are fed up with cooking and who, with the help of a cooking companion, get a taste for preparing meals

  • The cooking addicts who get a kick out of making everything at home

  • The anti-cooking people, who don't know how to cook (and some of them hate it), but who are themselves amazed to see what they can cook.

  • The cooking pros, 80% of restaurants have at least one Thermomix in their kitchen

  • More time for you as your stand-alone TM6 smart appliance handles the kitchen tasks for you


In summary, it is suitable for at least 90% of the profiles

Vidéo comparative TM5-TM6

Comparative video TM5 vs TM6

You hesitate to buy a TM6 instead of your TM5?
Here is a video that should help you to see this more clearly.

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