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The advantages of a Thermomix advisor

The first important point is that it does not cost you more to choose a consultant, this is part of the purchase price of the Thermomix.
The advantages are numerous: 

  • Immediate delivery by me (except for purchases on credit)

  • Get advice before buying

  • Participate in a demonstration, at your place or mine

  • Some will prefer to have me install & start up their new purchase

  • Or simple delivery

  • Get support for after sales service

  • Get all kinds of advice: favourite recipes, LIVE, tips & tricks

  • But also answer your specific questions

  • Help you transform your old recipes into Thermomix mode

  • And much more

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Discover the possibilities offered by the Thermomix

On WEDNESDAY evenings at 19:00 for dinner.
On FRIDAYS at 11:00 am for lunch.

The Thermomix® Discovery Demo is for anyone who is interested in buying a Thermomix® or has already purchased one through me. Learn everything about this wonderful appliance to use 100% of its features. 

I will introduce you to all the possibilities of the Thermomix while you cook some dishes. I will also take the time to answer all your questions. And if you want to buy an appliance, I have a stock so that you can leave with your purchase.


Book your place, send me a message or call me if you have any questions.

Cous de cuisine

Cooking classes

Would you like an advanced cooking course or on specific themes?

I regularly organise courses, either at my home, at your home or in various places.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to spend a convivial moment, alone or with your friends, and benefit from my advice for recipes that are guaranteed to succeed.


Discover my very practical tips and tricks for using your Thermomix® to the full and enjoy the recipes we cook together.

Please contact me for more details.

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Thermomix en prêt

Thermomix on loan

Are you afraid that you won't like the concept of a food processor in your kitchen and won't use it?  Would you like to try the Thermomix at home, to be sure that it meets your needs and expectations?


This offer should please you: I will lend you two Thermomix,® free of charge and without obligation, with a deposit as a guarantee.


For an optimal use, you will either watch carefully my start-up video or you will take part in one of my demos, before the loan.


Contact me to make arrangements

Devenir conseillère

Become a Thermomix advisor

Join an enthusiastic and dynamic team

Thermomix® is more than a food processor, it's a way of life.

This culinary companion deserves a proper introduction, which is why every appliance is sold directly through a demonstration by our enterprising and inspiring advisors.

Building a career with the Thermomix® team is easy and fun, keeping you connected to your community and a global network.

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