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Sandrine Merveille conseillère Thermomix photo de portrait

"Every home will be equipped with a food processor in the near future, just as every home is now equipped with a computer. "

One of my clients asked me this question years ago...


Since then, this trend is growing and I am here to accompany you, to guide you with the best of them all: The Thermomix (Momo for the intimates... Lol...)

My background 

I've always been passionate about cooking (especially pastry), and I decided to buy a Thermomix on the advice of my friends and after testing it during a course at CEFOR in Namur.

What a great double discovery; I loved the sharing, the contacts, this robot so much that I couldn't bring myself to stop the adventure there, even though it was not my intention at the beginning.


At first, I continued my job as an executive secretary with the activity of Thermomix consultant as a complement. This was in 2017. Sales quickly increased and I found myself at the head of a team of advisers.


Since then, I'm still here, more motivated than ever to help you discover this marvellous companion in the whole of Wallonia, but not only; I travel all over Belgium and Luxembourg.

Since January 2023, as the business has continued to grow, I have decided to make it my full-time activity. 

What characterises me is service. These are my foundations, my values...

Since then, I've seen a lot of the country! But above all, I have been able to meet you, all of you unique people, some of whom have become friends. What a richness!

Will my next delivery be with you?

I don't doubt it...

My services

Père cuisine avec son fils de la pate à pain


Discover the many possibilities offered by the Thermomix.

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Cours de cuisine, entre amis, avec le Thermomix

Cooking classes

Discover the many possibilities offered by theThermomix.

Learn more

Gros plan sur le Thermomix et son écran digital

Thermomix on loan

Want to try the Thermomix at home?

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Thermomix en cuisine, préparation d'un pesto

Become a Thermomix advisor

Would you like to become our new ambassador?

Read more


Géraldine De Praet

“Sandrine is a great consultant who follows her customers even after the sale. She is passionate and you can feel it. I recommend her with my eyes closed. Thanks to her."

Salima Chaatouf

"A top advisor 🔝, competent and super friendly 😍. She follows up and teaches our toy and makes herself available."
“A top class advisor.
I bought my thermomix during a demo at Sandrine's and since then I've never left it. Now I cook a lot more than before and above all I try a lot of new recipes.”
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